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woocommerce pinterest feed error 100 issue

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Greeting to People of the Pinterest Community,

This is my first time here and I am stuck completely. I have a WordPress site that is fully claimed. After 5 months of everything working fine, I am having issues with my product feed now. I am getting one email per day from Pinterest that 99% of my product ingestion/ and rss feed is down from time to time. I used to had the plugin is CTX Feed, and our other platform such as google shopping, facebook shop and bing shop, don't have this issuer at all except Pinterest.

This kind of very wired, and got no idea why. I have been communicate with pinterest contact and service amost over 1 month, they either ask me to read their article, or ask me to contact the plugin ctx. no kind of help can provide. Frankly speak, I had google it over 10times if there is useful.

Finally, I install the official pinterest plugin: woocommerce for pinterest, and the problem still be existing. feed report error 100 issue, and have their support to look at it, try to find the solution. this new plugin having bug also, it couldn't uncheck the active buttom which make us about to lost Verified Merchant Program when it failed to digest.

I am post this article is to hope anyone have this issue or had solved it can share with us.







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