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Previously healthy Pinterest tag is now unhealthy ?

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Hi, best wishes to all !

I have a recurring problem with my Pinterest tag being reported as unhealthy.

I have fixed this on 2 occasions now by setting my stripe payment gateway in test mode and using the test events function on Pinterest to go to my ecommerce website and go through the motions to view a product, add it to cart and checkout. 7 days after that Pinterest recognises that the tag is healthy.

The last time I verified it was 29/5/22 and on 10/6/22 it's was flagged as unhealthy again.
I have attached a screen shot to show that all events are firing including checkout.

I know my tag works fine the problem I see is that I am not getting any sales/clickthrough sales from Pinterest and as such Pinterest keeps throwing up the "unhealthy tag" notification. I seem to be going around in circles and it seems a waste of my time to keep verifying it as I have to put my payment system in test mode and make a purchase.

This to me seems very unfair just because I am not getting any sales 🙂 doesn't mean my tag is broken.

Why do I have to keep verifying that it works ?

Best regards


P.S Who doesn't like a little wine with there whinge ? 😉


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Once you get a checkout via any of your Pinterest Product pins, this issue will go away within 10 to 20 hours, All you need is an organic Pinterest Purchase. Thank you, 

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