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Fresh pins getting 0 impressions

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Hi there, 

My name is Sofia and I have created a Pinterest account for my blog a few months ago. I did follow a few courses on Pinterest best practices and how to rapidly gain impressions on Pinterest. Despite a few days with 2,000 impressions (which is kind of low...), my account is not growing and impressions and engagement have actually dropped since the end of September. I have never been able to have more than 2,000 impressions daily despite following best practices...

My Fresh pins get less than 20 impressions and I only get 100-200 cumulated impressions daily... I feel like I have already tried everything I could to fix this: creating more fresh pins (7-10 fresh pins daily), improving descriptions with better keywords, changing board descriptions, stopping to repin etc. Unfortunately, nothing is helping. 

I have contacted Pinterest's help desk several times and they told me that my account and blog were not in their spam filter (I've never engaged in any spammy behavior by the way...). Still, nothing is helping and I am really hesitating to delete my account to create a new one ...

It looks like a lot of people experience the same issue since 2019-2020, this issue is reported by a lot of people but no one ever posted on how they fixed the situation...

Is there actually a way to fix this? 

Many thanks for your feedback. 


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I'm seeing the same thing (fewer than 20 impressions) for my new static Pins and not much better for video Pins. Idea Pins are getting all the impressions in my accounts!


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