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Data source not approved because of domain issues

New member


We are having a hard time getting approval for a data source upload. Our website is already claimed but two reasons were mentioned below:

1. Merchant’s domain does not meet brand information requirements: We recommend ensuring that your domain has an authentic ‘About Us’ section, functional social media links and up to date contact information.
2. Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements: Review our Merchant Guidelines for more detailed information on how you can get your products.

Upon receiving the notice for the first issue, we sent an appeal because we know our ‘About Us’ section is authentic. Then after sending the appeal, another issue came which indicates the second one cited above. Now we currently have two issues but don’t know how to fix it.

Another is that we have third-party developers who installed the tags and codes. They seem to install it correctly as we see from the Conversion Tab that the data counter is moving. However, errors still appeared about the Product ID, Page Visits, Add to Cart, and Checkout tags not firing.

Attached are the pertinent screenshots for your reference.

We have only 1 appeal left so we would like to ask help here first before finally deciding to use the last chance we have. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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