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Merchant's shipping policy is unclear or unavailable

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We got below recommendation upon upload of our datasource.

We recommend following these best practices for shipping policies:
• Make sure your shipping policy is clearly visible and easy to find on your website
• Display expected shipping times and costs for your products
Below is our shipping return policy. It is in the footer of our site on desktop view and on the sidebar on mobile view. We made it clear regard to expected shipping times and costs for our products based on destination regions. We submitted an appeal and we got the same message. Can you please clarify what is expected from our shipping and return policy as we had updated it clearly for customers.


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Unfortunately you won't get that kind of help here. Instead, reply back to the email Pinterest sent you and ask them to provide you with more details. It may take a few days  or even weeks before they can get back to you. 

Anna Bennett
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Thanks you for your tip.

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have you ever fixed the problem? I have the same pr]oblem, even is clear that everything is in place the are sending me the same message.

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