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Companies advertised on Pinterest

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Pinterest advertises the Sale Whale Shop on your site.  This company is based in China from what I understand from their website.   I ordered a product from them and paid for it in early June.  To date I have not received the order even though they sent two messages to say it was on the way.   Finally, I asked for a refund;  their website mentions that you can send an email to, however, this site does NOT exist.


Could you advise if Pinterest is still promoting this website and if so, if other people have had any concerns.

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@davidsnow02 @PinterestGabby Hi there I have tagged one of our Community Managers .... Gabby would be in a much better position to answer your question. I really hope you get this resolved soon and I am glad you came to the community Lisa😁

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Heya @davidsnow02, thanks for coming to the community and sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry to hear this is happening. Because it sounds like the email address isn't working and the purchasing is happening off-site, I'd recommend reaching out to Shopify support for assistance. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. 

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