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Building your community profile

Building your community profile

Sign in

It’s easy to sign in—you just need to be logged in to your Pinterest Business account. When you try to join the community, you’ll see a prompt to authorize this site to use your Pinterest Business login. 

Complete your profile

After you've logged in with your business account take a few minutes to fill out your profile. You can access this page by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting “My Settings” from the dropdown menu. There, you can personalize your profile, adjust your community settings and control your notifications.   

First, you'll want to pick an avatar. Your avatar represents how you want to show up in the community. You can choose one of the six Pinterest Pins or the first letter of the alphabet for however you want it to represent you, your business or brand. You also have the option to upload an image to your profile. Whether it’s a headshot, or a business logo, the choice is yours! 

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 4.40.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 3.04.17 PM.png













Next, make sure to fill out your profile basics. Have fun customizing your profile with things like your Pinterest username, a custom signature and a short bio to help community members learn more about you. Don’t forget to also share your business vertical with us! This is visible on your profile, so you can quickly identify other community members in the same industry as you. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 3.06.27 PM.png
















Here's an example of a fully customized profile on the Business Community! 

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 4.41.15 PM.png


Totally trivial question... 🙂 Is there a way to add cool stuff to our signature or are we limited to text?


Hey @karen_whitworth, thanks for the question! Right now, just limited to text, but letting community members add more to their signature is something we're thinking about. Good to hear that's something you're interested in! Will keep in mind. 😊


I filled in the profile info etc -- but I can't find the "images" gallery that is supposed to be on the profile page. 


@nan47 I believe what you’re looking for is under ‘My Settings’. Try that, and let me know—I’m happy to help! 😃

Kelly A Cavanaugh 🙋‍♀️


How do I find the spot to add Info - for profile ... Ive found the avatar and changed it but cant seem to see where to add anything else



Hey there @magpiesprings0308! You can update your bio by going to My Settings > Personal > Personal Information. From here, you can add your bio, industry vertical, a signature or anything else you'd like to share on your public profile. Hope this helps. 🙂 


@kellyacavanaugh Thanks -- found it.


@nan47 Awesome! 


How to share my recipes to more PPL

Plz suggest yo grow



how to get more visitors to my account ?


I filled in the profile info etc -- but I can't find the "images" gallery that is supposed to be on the profile page. I want to create my business account for <a href="">Randomapk<a/>


Hey, that was quite helpful. I need some guidance regarding how to start pinning and how to gain some followers who would like my art? I would love to be a part of it, and would love to inspire many people through my creativity and art work. please help me for the same. thank you so much @PinterestGabby 


Its Really Helpful.


@dogiparthysrina & @niyatilimbachia, to grow or gain followers—create good content. But that’s how to gain followers, likes, leads & sales on any platform so you’ll want to learn what makes a good pin. You're in the right place for that. 😊

🔹For instance, longer-shaped pins typically do better than square pins...
🔹You’ll want to find & become very familiar with a few photo editing apps, if you don’t already use photoshop. I can list the names of some if you would like?
🔹Try to use beautiful imagery, but don’t forget that your description is important, too. Pinterest uses this to determine how to display your pin in search. It’s important to use keywords in your description for this reason, too. 
🔹Before I create a pin & write a description, I ask myself: "What would people be happy to repin in order to make their boards look even better?" From there, I create. Try to learn everything about your target audience, & use your Pinterest analytics. Put your focus on what your audience will like, and then create it. 

If you haven’t yet heard of Tailwind, I highly recommend it. Also, follow Pinterest for Business on Pinterest & on Facebook for tips & the latest news. 


Hope this helps, 
Kelly A Cavanaugh 




OMG @kellyacavanaugh, how did I miss this amazing response!? Great tips, thank you so much for sharing! 


 I want to claim this website Apksite on Pinterest. How can I do this?


Hey @PinterestGabby, I'm always happy to help! So, @ranaadil554, is that your website? If so, go to your settings on Pinterest. When you're in your settings, follow the directions under "claim". 


Kelly A Cavanaugh 


Hi All.  I am looking for help in how to remove an old twitter handle (@thatwhichisgood) that I  no longer used.

I take it that it is embedded between my 'website URL'  section and my 'About your profile'  but for the life of me can't find it to delete it.

What is being displayed:·@thatwhichisgood·That Which Is Good! Whimsical Ideas, Humor, and Gifts for Adventurous People. Ideas, Fun, Gifts curated in colorful fun boards. #thatwhichisgood #affiliate
Thank  you for your help!!! Marie

@thatwhichisgood, that is your Pinterest username that you are seeing right there, not a Twitter handle. There's no way that I know, to remove our Pinterest usernames from that spot. 😊


Kelly A Cavanaugh 


Showing my age 😃 Thanks for the quick reply!


Oh, it's absolutely no problem! Happy to have helped 😆


Kelly A Cavanaugh


Hello! I think have a silly question here. What would you recommend for my "industry"? I have an online magazine that provides writing/publishing resources for writers of the youth and educational resources for children, including books, printables etc. But I'm not sure which category I'm a better fit for: "education", "entertainment", or "media"? Thank you!


Not a silly question, @kidpressroom! Education sounds like it'd fit well here, what do you think? 


Sounds great! Thank you @PinterestGabby. I appreciate that. 😊


Thanks for this info! 



We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as a manufacturer word removed per Community Guidelines exporter of Leather, Fitness, MMA, Safety, & Sportswear. Named Barkhia International

Thanks for Information 


hello dear i want to grow my followers how to do it better dear



Hey but from where we can upload our profile picture


I see where you can select a letter AVATAR. I cannot find where you can upload your own profile photo for the Business Community.


Hey @shivangi___@whitelilacfarmhouse, I'm pretty sure our profile pictures are merged over from our Pinterest accounts when we log into this site. So if you're logging into this site another way, (with an email address for instance), it wouldn't result in your Pinterest profile pic being displayed here. 

Now, if you guys are logging into this site through Pinterest, there would go my whole theory, so if that is the case, just let me know, & I'll be happy to look more into this question. However, just on the surface, that's what it would appear to be. 


Actually no, there is another way. Under Avatars, click, "From the Web". There, you can add a custom avatar URL. 


Hello, looking for guidance on claiming my website. Not tech savvy:(





Hi @shivangi___ @whitelilacfarmhouse! You should now be able to upload your own avatar image by going to My Settings > Avatars > Upload an Avatar. Hope this helps! 


Hey @yourhealthyhq! I recommend checking out our Claim your website Help Center article 🙂.


Love the step by step instructions!


how do i get more people to view my account?


Briefly Describe. I want to build a community for my new business Italian baby name


Thank you for sharing this info! Still trying to navigate this space and see what I can do with it.



I create a website in Canva.  Can I add this as my website?



How can we change the cover of the community profile?


Is there any way how can I add Signature to my account?

Wheel decider



Hello, Thanks for the useful way how to build a professional profile. 


However, I get stuck when I was creating a professional profile for my site which is related to tankless water heaters and kitchen sink products. 


Here is the profile but I hope it's not much professional. Please, let me know what should I do.



Admin of TechHomeViber website.


Hello to all and thank you for allowing me to be part of the ever growing pinterest creators community!!! 😍

Good luck to everyone in any phase of your journey! 👋

I am however in the beginning of my own business venture and would appreciate any tips, tricks, friendly advice...ect.....

Right now I am currently struggling with the paid partnership when creating an idea pin and tagging "the business" idk im kinda stuck & in need of help. 

Please and Thank you!

🖤Love Always-



Thank you for sharing great article

if you need web hosting  or any IT services , we are here to help


Thank you for sharing!!!


Hi, many thanks for sharing such great information.

However, I  want to know How can I effectively utilize Pinterest to promote my billing website in Pakistan and reach a wider audience?


Hi, many thanks for sharing such great information.
how can I  grow my followers?



Hi. I am trying to fill out my profile but I cannot find an option under "Industry" for art and graphic design businesses. I read the list several times and don't see anything related to visual art, but "music" seems to appear twice (first under "Media" then again under "Internet). Does anyone else see "Music" twice or am I imagining it?

Anyways, can someone recommend the best industry to choose for a business that creates and sells art and graphics?



I want to make business profile my Web design company which is einnovention. Can you help me in this regard. some points are very confusting


@FairyKingJon here again thanks for the step by steps making this a breeze.