Why are my analytics way off?

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My Pinterest Analytics don't seem to reflect the reality. Here some examples:


This one is of a pin I created. In the pin details I see it saved to 5 boards. Only 2 of them were my saves. But still - the analytics on this pin say 2 saves only. Why?

saves issue 1.jpg

This one is even weirder. I pinned this to one of my boards using Tailwinds. In Tailwinds I see 5 people repinned my pin via tribes, yet my statistics reflect none of that! If I go to those people's boards I can totally see the pin - so it does exist.
I thought the pin should show 5 repins and the view count should not only show the views of my pin, but also the repins of the other folks. Am I mistaken?

saves issue 2.jpg

All these URLs link to my Etsy shop which I have claimed in my account.

What am I doing wrong so I'm not seeing the right stats?



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