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What's the best way to use Pinterest Ads for products?

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Hey everyone!

I recently started a store and I'm looking to boost a few Pins through Pinterest. I typically use Pinterest ads to drive traffic to my blog. I noticed when I started promoting my products, I had really low engagement and no success with ads so far. 

I wanted to know whats the process you guys go through when setting up campaigns through Pinterest? It is much different than Facebook ads from what it seems. 

What's the steps you go through to ensure better success from Pinterest ads?

Thanks so much!

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I understand your concern, at the beginning it is very disappointing to see your ads are not performing. But when it starts to work you'll be amazed by the results. I want to point out some important tips worked on my business:
Be visual - only promote your best and high quality pins
Targeting- is very important, try to understand your tarket auidence, who are they, what do they like?
Use relevant keywords, hashtags and add your pins to relevant boards.
Hope that helps. 🙂


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Hi! I have been using Pinterest ads to drive traffic to my Etsy shop and one thing I do is only have 2-3 ads running at a time so I can manage and track which promoted pins are trending good.

I also do a lot of research to make sure I'm using trending key words and hashtags. I've had some really good ads and some just didn't attract customers and I just move on. 

I run my Pinterest ads a lot longer than Facebook ad's. I read that ad's on Facebook that run more than 4-5 days don't create as much awareness as Facebook algorithms think it's old content after 4 days. I've also actually cut back on Facebook ad's as I've noticed my reach stats have drastically changed from a year ago when I did ad's. I think Facebook is making it harder for businesses to show off their products. 

Keep trying out Pinterest ads and you'll find what your customers like. Good Luck!


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