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The Power of Consistency

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Hey everyone, 

Sorry I haven't been around, I've been very busy. 

Today I wanted to provide some motivation and advice for some fellow "Pinners." Consistency is key with Pinterest. Whether you are focusing on ads, growing your audience, or directing traffic; without consistency everything will be really hard. 

Content is so important. You need to keep your audience engaged. To do this, you need to provide them consistent posts (original and other posts).

If you are working on improving your ads

-Analyze what ads are working better

-Create more ads that are similar

-Consistently provide more content to boost

If you are working on your growth

-Create new ORIGINAL content everyday (3 posts minimum) I highly suggest trying to get over 10 original posts a day

-Re-pin other peoples pins within your niche. 

-Re-pin your successful pins everyday until there is a decline in organic traffic

If you are working on directing traffic

-Create original content that entices your audience to click and read more

-Ensure the content provides a snapshot of what they will read

-CONSISTENTLY post everyday similar posts that have driven more traffic to your website


I want to challenge you all to consistently post for at least 2 weeks straight. You will see your organic traffic, followers, and more increase. If you want more success on Pinterest, you need to focus on consistency. 

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Very insightful and motivating! Thank you for the tips/advice. Cheers! 

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Hello, Thank you for sharing this information in an easy way to understand! Can I ask if you use tailwind to re-pin other peoples pins and re-pinning successful pins? Then when you are re-pinning successful pins are you re-pinning to a variety of boards or just one board? Creating ORIGINAL content daily is hard but I like your advice of trying for 2 weeks because then it becomes a habit and won't seem undoable anymore. Thanks again!


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Thank you for this great post!

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@PartynwPlants I've used Tailwind consistently for over a year and find that it's the perfect way to schedule everything so that you can have several original posts a day.  If you think that one pin can actually go to several different boards and schedule it to be posted to a different board each day, you are pinning original content daily.  This also helps to create consistent traffic as well.

Uploading the pins to Tailwind Tribes is also a great way to reach tons (think millions) with one pin.  If the tribe likes it, it spreads and gets repined over and over again. 🙂 I've been using this method as well as traffic focused ads to help drive traffic to my website and it's helping to grow it as well.

Now I just need to refine everything and keep going with new content.  🙂


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@thelivehim thank you! Great tips and insights and motivation!!!  Wonder if we can see if others will come back in two weeks and see how pinning consistently has changed anything for them.


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Community Manager

This is such a wonderful and motivating post, @thelivehim!! Love that you broke out your tips into buckets. 

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