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Setting Up Shop with a Business Account ➕ Tips for Non-Shopify Users 🛍

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Hello PBC Members! 

Getting your store connected to Pinterest is now easier than ever with improvements based on YOUR feedback! 

I thought I would make a 'review' post to help outline what this process looks like and give some tips for those who are NOT using Shopify as your E-commerce platform. 

Create a Business Account_Halstead.pngPinterest curious (2).png

Pinterest curious (2).png

For Shopify users here is the link to the app you can plug into the backend of your Shopify store to automatically connect your product catalog and tracking pixels -

For NON-Shopify users here are some additional resources since much of this process will need to be done manually.

Product catalogs tend to cause the most confusion due to the non-standardized file formatting of platform-specific data feeds.

This is a wonderful resource that thoroughly breaks down how to optimize your data feed that even technically challenged users can understand. Download it - Here.

For Squarespace users, I created a step-by-step process on how to handle all the integrations manually. You can access that - Here.

For more information on getting started on catalogs and getting integration partners to handle product catalogs for NON-Shopify users go - Here.

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To apply for the Verified Merchant Program you can do so - Here.

This is a resource to maximize Pinterest as a merchant selling on the platform if you're just getting started - Here.

I hope this helps to clarify how to get started with shopping on Pinterest! 🤓📌



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Love this!  Great tutorial and graphics @andrealidesigns!

Cali Waege | Pinterest Marketing Strategist at
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@thehalcyonhive Thank you so much, my dear! 🤓📌

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