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Pinterest Page Visit Tag Unhealthy

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Hey, so i want to figure if i even need a pinterest tag to be installed and the event codes? Because... i want to track analytics like page visits to my website, signups categories viewed and lead! BUT, i just a selfhosted wordpress,org website and i dont sell anything nor have a shopify or woo and not planning to sell anything! Just want to track the basics for my website and for google analytics! So, since i only have page visit event code installed right now, my tag is showing as unhealthy and when i contacted someone for help this is the response i received!

"For WordPress org, we can only track the page visit event of Pinterest tag. And your tag will still remain unhealthy. Because we are not able to track products id and product price."

So, is this true? And, if so then how do ya'll track simple analytics stuff through pinterest without having to sell products on your website? Do affiliate links count towards the products?

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @simplybykristina 

Welcome to the PBC!

I read your post and I am going to tag another Pinterest Pioneer @michaelbliss who knows his stuff.

While I understand what you are trying to do I am not a WordPress user so I don’t have that “hands on” information that you would need.

I hope this helps.


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