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Pin Description HTML

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I wanted to add a pin description to my images on my website rather than manually adding the image on Pinterest or @tailwind .  Then I can schedule right from my website... Save some time... 

When I try to add the HTML code: data-pin-description="" I get an error.  The only way to resolve the error is to remove the description entirely. 

I have tried even a simple: data-pin-description="test" with no luck. 

What is really frustrating is that when I Pin from the website directly to Pinterest it pulls a title and description from my website... And when I schedule to Pin from @tailwind it pulls the alt text.  Neither is a good solution!! 

Has anyone encountered this?  Is there a workaround that is working for anyone?  What about users who previously added this code to WordPress images... Is it still working?  Or has it created errors on your site? 


@alisammeredith Any ideas for Tailwind to not pull the alt text by default? 

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Hmmm, can you send an email to and send along the full code block you're adding this to when they you're getting that error?  You might also want to copy and paste your original message (I shared this with the customer success team).
~ Alisa

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