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[NEW] Pinterest Academy Measurement Series 📊

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We’re excited to announce that Pinterest Academy recently launched a brand new learning track for businesses and advertisers to learn more about how measurement works on Pinterest. There are five learning modules available in this series: 

  • Measurement on Pinterest: Learn the basics of measuring ad performance on Pinterest.
  • Measuring Awareness: Understand which measurement solutions we offer for awareness campaigns and what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure. 
  • Measuring Consideration: Learn how consideration works on Pinterest and which KPIs you can use to measure the effectiveness of these types of campaigns. 
  • Measuring Sales: Through first and third-party measurement solutions, you can measure the success of a sales campaign online, in-app and in-store. We’ll cover the two main KPIs for sales, and the solutions you can use to measure them. 
  • Validating your Campaigns: Many advertisers rely on third-party tracking and validation for campaign delivery, regardless of their primary objective. In this course, you’ll learn more about Pinterest’s validation solutions.

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest Academy, it’s a FREE program that provides a collection of online courses you can take to learn more about our products and features to help grow your business on Pinterest. Get started today by signing up for Pinterest Academy using your Pinterest Business account and check out all of our course offerings. 📌


What were your biggest takeaways from this course? What’s been your overall experience using Pinterest Academy? We’d love to hear from you -- please share your thoughts and comments below.


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