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Idea Pins "Tag Related Topics" section

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I'm creating Idea Pins and trying to make my process as productive as possible but I struggle with the "Tag Related Topics" section.
- It would be great to have an option to see our "favorites" or "recently used" like the stickers. Many times we need to tag the same things over and over again. Does anyone have a workflow to make this faster? Or showing similar tags to the ones we chose would be great. 

- The way that the words come up is strange, for example, "Quinoa Salad" is not visible if you type Quinoa, but then when you add other tags, it becomes available. I contacted Pinterest and they said that "What you're experiencing is expected behaviour" but it doesn't look right. Does anyone experience the same thing?



Maria Laura Luna 
Fresh Pins Creators


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Hi Maria @freshpinscreators 

My workflow is minimalism. At first I spent time researching the best terms for tagging across the categories I work in. Like you, I learned to start the terms with different words to find the best options. Currently I work with those I identified consistently. I hope that helps a bit.

Best, David 

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Pinterest Pioneer

@freshpinscreators I agree Maria the tagging process seems to be a tiny bit random. I basically do what David mentioned. Just start typing, pick, and go 😄 


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