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How to get more outgoing clicks ?

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I pin about 25 times a day on different boards, thanks to the shuffle tool from Tailwind. I can clearly see that my pin views are sky rocketing. Last figure shows 1,28 k for last week after 2 weeks of this pin volume.

However, I have very few outgoing clicks, meannig clicks to my shop, not even 1 %.

Any tips to get more outgoing clicks, and therefore to convert this audience into buyers ?

Thanks in  advanced.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

If you know your Pins are being seen, but not getting clicks I would be sure to test out new Pin creative. You want to stop Pinners' scroll AND entice them to click so test image types but also clear, short copy and calls to action.

I wrote these posts that might inspire you: 3 Pro Tips for Designing Compelling Pinterest Creatives and Selling on Pinterest? 3 Ways to Design Pins With Products.

Best, Tori

Tori Tait
Content Director & Pinterest Consultant

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Thanks Tori, indeed I begun using more creative ads for a few days with TailWind Create,

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