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Discrepancies between Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics

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Hi Everyone!! Hoping to get some insight here.

When comparing Google Analytics Top Pinterest Landing Pages to the Top Clicked (viewing outbound clicks) in Pinterest Analytics, for the same exact time period, we are seeing completely different URLs on each list... maybe 2 out of the top 10 are consistent on each, but otherwise, none of the links match. Shouldn't this be consistent?

Can someone provide insight as to why we are seeing different URLs with different results in Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics? ... I understand and expect some differences, but not completely different info altogether. This is important to us when choosing what content to create new pins from, or what content to schedule. @PinterestGabby can you explain this? I've included screenshots, showing the differences.

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i have the same issue as well.. i think the traffic on my google analytics is coming from pinterest but it doesnt show up as Pinterest (instead shows up as direct) also it doesnt show the different URLs of the page rather shows it on the main domain URL

Another thing that im finding weird about pinterest analytics is that its also showing in the views and saves my own views and clicks on my pin (should it do that? in my opinion that just messes with the numbers)

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