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Anyone Dealing With Spam Accounts?

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Hey everyone, 

Since using Pinterest, I have noticed a lot of spam followers on my account. I do check my followers and notice that some are spammers or inappropriate accounts. Has anyone else dealt with this and how can Pinterest improve this? Thank you and looking forward to your feedback.  

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Hi, I have the same problem as you. I wanted to delete spammy followers but I came to know that is impossible to delete your followers. Only way to get rid of them is block them but it will affect on your engagement. I am also looking for new ways to deal with them.

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I delete or unfollow the spam accounts. It is unfortunate but these types of accounts are out there. On numerous occasions,  I have seen grotesque images on my feed. Like I said it is unfortunate and, to be frank, I do not know how Pinterest will stop it. 

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I am experiencing this on my Instagram account its insane I don't know where they come from but they do I have noticed a lot on Pinterest but other social media yes and definitely within the last 2 weeks.



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