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Ads For KDP Book

New member

Hey! Thanks for giving your time to read this..

I'm new to Pinterest and still trying to bend my 63 year old mind around all this website has to offer.

I think I just started an ad for a KDP book I put together but find nothing on the dashboard.

Somewhere it said it may take 24 hours for the ad to get approved. If it is approved I'm guessing thats when it will show on the dashboard??

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi There! If you did create an ad you would see it in your dashboard as "Pending."  In your account at the top nav, toggle to Ads > Reporting. You can also filter by the left side bar (screen shot attached). Hope that helps!   

ToriScreen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.22.58 AM.png

Tori Tait
Content Director & Pinterest Consultant

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