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Approved Pinterest Partners -Post Planner

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Hi there,
I started using a program called Post Planner ( to schedule other social media platforms and I'd like to use it for Pinterest too. I looked them up on the official Pinterest partners list here:

Post Planner is not on this list. I asked Post Planner and they say they are an approved partner and were approved to use Pinterest's API. I don't want to use a program for Pinterest that is not approved and put my account in jeopardy. How do I know if they are an approved partner and if I can use their program for Pinterest? 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @OnMyKidsPlate 

I would assume they aren't an approved partner unless Pinterest just hasn't updated the list, lately? 

@PinterestGabby or @PinterestDavid do you know if that list is updated? It seems strange Post Planner would say they are approved but we don't see them on the list. 


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Thanks @simplepinmedia , I also find it strange that Postplanner is telling me they are approved, but they are not on the list.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the tag, @simplepinmedia and for the question, @OnMyKidsPlate! Post Planner is not an official Pinterest Partner. All of our vetted, and approved partners are listed here.

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