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Pinterest pulling a second (incorrect) image from our website.

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One of the (many) issues we're having with Pinterest is with Rich Pins. In the example below (first image) we have pinned the photo on the left (the one with the blueish top and bottom frame). This item seems to be retrieving the rich pin data as it has the description, pricing, and rating info. link to pin on Pinterest 

However, Pinterest has added a second image from our website alongside it. link to item on our website The second image is being pulled from the small, lower-resolution thumbnails below the main photo on our website (see the second image below). The microdata ( is marking each thumbnail with an ImageObject that references a higher resolution of the photo. And each thumbnail also has a data-pin-media attribute that points to a higher-resolution photo with the frame on it. Neither of those is getting pulled as the second image. And we're not sure why a second image is getting pulled at all. Most pins are not doing this.

Has anyone run across anything like this? Any ideas on how to solve this?





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