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Have you received issues alerts about "Shopping experience quality"?

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If you receive an issue reminder of "Shopping experience quality", then like me, it means that you have been sentenced to "no time limit" because no one told you "Only merchants meeting high quality standards and without excessive user reports about product Pins or their shop can join the Verified Merchants Program", what is "User reports about product Pins or their shop".

Submitting your ticket number will also only tell you that you don’t need to do anything. I have successfully joined VMP for several years, and "Shopping experience quality" is the worst and most unsolvable problem I have encountered.

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I too have an email stating that I am no longer in VMP (when I was approved before) with the same error message. I had to work with support last time I had errors in verifying, but am wondering why I am not verified when I was verified???????

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