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featured catalog not showing up on main page

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I am completely confused by Pinterest but trying to figure it all out. I have successfully linked my Shopify store and Pinterest. The catalog is active and approved and I clicked on "feature" to select it. However, on my main page it's still a bunch of outdated pins from when Instagram used to auto-pin my posts. How do I get the featured catalog to show up on my main page? I am trying to drive more traffic to my site.

I posted a image of my main site - it's all just irrelevant pins.

Thank you!





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If you  want the SHOP tab you will need to apply to the VMP. Here are the details

Anna Bennett
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Oh! Yes, I forgot to mention I applied to that and it says at the top of my business hub that I applied and that it would take 24 hours but it's been quite awhile since that message popped up. Also, I'm confused why none of the pins that are linked to Shopify and supposedly are working properly aren't showing up anywhere in my feed.

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Hi @terrasitaonline -  Welcome to PBC!

I just took a peek at your account and looks the shop tab is showing up now!  

You need the shop tab (aka your catalog connected to Pinterest) in order to qualify for the VMP, along with your tags installed, and compliance with merchant guidelines.  Looking at your website, I see your return policy, but I would also add a shipping policy.  That could be what is holding up the approval.

  • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear shipping policy that displays expected shipping time.

Just a note - I just discovered that your shop tab will only show in the country that you have your shop set up for.  i.e. If you are in Canada, but your shop is set up for the US, only US audiences on Pinterest will see your shop tab.  So if you are still not seeing your shop tab, this could be the issue.

Cali Waege | Pinterest Marketing Strategist at
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Hi @terrasitaonline and welcome to the PBC!

In order to have the Shop Tab appear on your profile, you'll need to meet 2 requirements:

  • Star/feature one auto-generated product group (All Products, Top Sellers, Back in Stock, Best Deals, New Arrivals, Most Popular)
  • Star/feature a manually created product group.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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My shop only shows up in Sweden, but I'm selling to the whole world.
How can I make my Pinterest shop show up in all countries?
I use Pinterest for WooCommerce. 

Here's a link to my shop:

Many thanks in advance!


Cecilia Elise Wallin

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Hey Cecilia,

Did you ever find out how to show the catalog to other countries as well?

Thank you!


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