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Contacting Pinterest- Merchant guidelines

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Hello everyone.


I have a business account and I never interact on this account  I runs by itself. I received this notice from Pinterest and the people I speak to refuse to answer any of my questions concerning this notice. The agent simply copy and paste the same grap and claim they answered the questions. Does anyone have a phone number or have any glue what Pinterest is trying to say?

thank you




Unfortunately, we can't approve your data source for Pin and product group creation for the reason(s) below:
List of catalogs
Merchant's social media links are broken
We recommend ensuring any social media links are functional
Merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements
Review our merchant guidelines
; Opens a new tab
 for more detailed information on how you can get your products on Pinterest
Merchant's returns policy is unclear or unavailable
We recommend following these best practices for return policies:
- Ensure that your return policy is easy to find on your website. If you don’t accept returns, this must be clearly stated as well
- Provide clear instructions for returns, including expected processing timelines



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I read your post and am sorry that you are having difficulty.

I am also adding snippets from the guidelines that I think you will find address your issues.

Merchant Guidelines Required:

I have added arrows and bolded the issues I believe are affecting your status.

-You will need to add an About Us Page that is separate from other pages.

-On your main page you are missing two photos and the space is blank - this could be considered incomplete

-Your refund policy and return policy should be separated and your return policy is not clear, partly because you have included refund information + the return policy is very wordy and to my mind not exact, be as specific as possible without being wordy.

  • Merchants must meet the following criteria:

    • Merchants must not be resale or consignment marketplaces.
    • Merchants must not be affiliate marketers.
    • Merchants must not be wholesale retailers.
    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear shipping policy that displays expected shipping time.
    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear return policy, that displays whether the merchant accepts returns, the process and time expectations for returns (if applicable), and contact information.⬅️
    • The merchant must have a dedicated “about us” page detailing their business offering or relevant social media links.⬅️
    • Merchants must have a high-quality website and product pages. We don’t allow websites that:
      • Have poor editorial content, including:
        • Improper grammar, excessive or glaring spelling or typos
        • Fuzzy or grainy images
        • Broken links or incomplete pages⬅️
      • Have unoriginal content, including:
        • Unoriginal content within the “about us” section or product descriptions
        • Stock images
      • Force users to visit another page that is not original to the brand
      • Force users to register to view the products
      • Are unsafe or deceptive
      • Have multiple ads or pop-ups
      • Have pop-ups you cannot close
      • Have out of date content or out-of-stock products

    I can't guarantee that fixing these will resolve your issues but when looking at your site and seeing what Pinterest has sent to you I would suggest that these are the issues affecting your status. Remember to wait 24 hrs before filing an Appeal as Pinterest does a daily sync with merchants catalogs et al. and the issue may resolve itself once you have made the necessary changes. You have 30 days to fix any problems and file an Appeal.

    I hope this helps you.


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