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Tuesday Tips 📌 How to Increase Saves

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Creators!

We’re back with the latest Tuesday Tips and today we’re spotlighting strategies on how to increase saves. One of our creators, @isabelledias shares her best practices on how to encourage more saves from your audience. Check out the video below to learn more!

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Pinterest Pioneer

Yay! Thank you for sharing, @PinterestJoan! I love this one so much!

Anc dear Creators, please let me know if you have any questions about boosting saves II will be more than happy to answer over here.

Isabelle Dias
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Thank you for the helpful info ♥️

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Thank you for sharing that info - I do ask people to share but I am going to try Connecting the Idea Pin to an event in the pinner's life I thought that was a helpful piece of information.


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Pinterest Pioneer

I watched it on my feed! All great tips @isabelledias 😁

Not A Bond Girl
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Asking for the save does really seem to make a difference. Still want more saves though lol. It is so ironic how quickly and easily the saves come 30 days after the initial idea pin post.

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i have asked many times for save the pin also added a text in a pin but still don't get any saves 🙁

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me too I'm not getting any saves ☹️

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Once your pin gets saved does it increase your post showing up on other users feeds?

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@PinterestJoan Thanks so much for this .I do have an additional question.If my account has been deindexed,that will impact the strategies provided.Is the any troubleshooting tips to having my account restored?I have sent several emails about the glitches that I’m receiving but I’m still at square one. This happened previously and it took four months for them to restore my account. Thanks so much.

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