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Hey Creators! We’re back with the latest Tuesday Tips. Today, we’re focusing on brand partnerships best practices. When it comes to creating on Pinterest, it’s important to create high-quality content consistently, i.e. not posting content with watermarks from other platforms, incorporating video content in your Idea Pins as much as you can, and using copyright free music. For more information on how to get your content ready for brand opportunities, make sure to check out this creator workshop recap!

This workshop covers:

  • How Pinterest is different when it comes to content
  • More about branded content on Pinterest
  • What good branded content looks like on Pinterest
  • How creators can get matched to brands at Pinterest
  • How to get involved in branded content opportunities 

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I think Pinterest should ban Tiktok videos. If I wanted to see a Tiktok video I would have gone to Tiktok. I really hate to see tiktok videos on Pinterest. Even more, because I know those videos perform better than mine - Pinterest built videos. It takes me ages to create high-quality content on Pinterest. And then I see a bunch of TikTok videos all over Pinterest - usually stolen TikTok videos. It's such a shame that Pinterest allows people to upload someone else's TikTok videos. That much about Pinterest being different when it comes to content.

Veronika Lipar
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wow I missed this workshop and notice can't wait to watch now!

Anna @mycancerchic
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How do I get the link for the brand partnerships mentioned in the workshop? I wasn't able to catch it live so I couldn't access the chat.

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