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Tips on getting more views and followers

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What is trending? 
Hey everyone, It is kind of hard to attract audience for me. For example I might post something and get plenty of views but when I post others not the same. Are there any tags that makes me get more views or am I suppose to put hashtags on my post? 

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Hi and welcome to PBC,

What I can suggest and also ask you is:

  • are you analyzing what works best and using that concept or topic more, do you use templates?
  • what kind of pins are working best for you? Check that and use that to your advantage.
  • include SEO in every pin you post, from the text on the image to the pin title, pin description, or note in the Idea Pin.
  • always select tags on Idea Pins with SEO in mind and that relate to your pin and audience
  • hashtags do not work on Pinterest the same as on social media platforms. This is why incorporating the keywords in your Pin's copy is essential, do not just add a list of hashtags like we do on Instagram.
  • do serious keyword research on your niche, batch and save the keywords and use them in your Pins.
  • check Pinterest Trends to see what interests your audience based on location, topic, or keywords and use trends to create pins that catch moments, inspire and offer valuable info. Think about being one step ahead with seasonal content and life moments for your audience because pinners like to be on Pinterest to plan and get inspired for upcoming events in their lives.

I hope this helps. 

Iulia G. | co:creatrix | SM Specialist in love with Pinterest and Herbalism.
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Ciao j am Simona. I always check all or what works best among my pins, and I must say that the first thing to do if you want to be successful is to always be constant.

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@SimonaCandido  Exactly, consistency is key!

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