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Tailwind Scheduler

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hello Community!

It's been over a year I am using Tailwind for scheduling my posts on Pinterest. Recently I had a problem like I am scheduling 5 post per day but only 3-4 of them are posting and the other posts get lost. When I go to created tab on Pinterest I can't see my scheduled posts but they show up in the boards I've chose them to be pinned. Does anyone experienced something like this&Should I contact with Tailwind about this problem?

P.S. After recovering month my profile again started to lose monthly impressions.

I already lost 2 k impressions within one week. I am looking for new alternatives to increase my pin reactions, if you have any ideas, please share it with me. 🙂

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Pinterest Pioneer

@theburntsunsetnovel Hey Chris!

Thank you so much for your help!

I will try all of your advices and let you know the resulsts.

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New member

Does anyone know how to schedule Story pins/ Idea pins on Tailwind? I still haven't been able to figure them out. 

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Loves to help

It's not currently possible. I've noted your interest! 


~ Alisa

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