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Suspended account?

New member

Hello -- I was notified that my account, active for almost a decade, was suspended today.  It is @pullingcurls (this is my other account).

@PinterestGabby @PinterestAlia -- can one of you look into it?

It said dangerous activity.  I am a nurse, and I do blog about my profession, but only evidence-based research for my followers and has been well received for years.

Appreciate your time,


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Hi @pregnancynurse and welcome to the PBC!

I'm sorry about the trouble you're experiencing with your account.

It seems that we've experience an issue with our system and the ticket of filed earlier closed itself.

Could you please file another ticket on our Help Center? When doing so, instead of selecting the "Appeals" category I recommend that you select "Account access and closure" and then select "Reactivate account", in order to prevent the same issue from happening again.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing else I can do on my end since only the relevant team is able to analyze your account and assist you with your query.

You should receive a reply from them soon. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meanwhile.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Just visiting

Hi there, my account is back up -- but I have lost a TON of followers, and I also can't think of a SINGLE pin I have pinned that goes against the guidelines...

They emailed me these:

We don’t allow content like:

  • Private people offering to sell, purchase or trade alcohol, tobacco, drugs and weapons, including firearms and accessories
  • Content from or about unauthorized internet pharmacies
  • Offers, attempts, or instructions to bypass purchasing laws and regulation
  • Instructions for creating lethal or toxic substances
  • Instructions for creating lethal weapons, like bombs or grenades, including 3d printed weapons

As I said, I am a nurse and I do have the CDC guidelines about covid in a few of my posts, but I can't imagine that would trigger any of these.  Can ANYONE give me any guidance?

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Hi @pullingcurls!

I'm glad to hear that you got your account back!

Since your account was recently reactivated, it may take a few days for your follower count to update and revert back to normal.

Please also keep in mind that the number of people using Pinterest is always changing, so your follower count may change as well. For example, if we find a bunch of bad users, we might deactivate their accounts all at once, which may account for the change in followers you noticed.

Regarding your question about the cause of the suspension, unfortunately I'm able to provide you with a clear answer.

Only the team that reviewed your account and answered your query, is able to provide you with an accurate answer.

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