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Hi All,

So I was curious about the ability to use a "Reply Pin" as a way to create further engagement on the platform and not sure if I'm using this feature the correct way ha! @PinterestGabby @PinterestAlia could you weigh in?

So I received a nice comment from a user on this Story Pin she comments a lot so I thought instead of writing a reply I would use the "Reply with Pin" feature to try and do a "Video Reply". Here was her comment:

Daughter of Poseidon:

That looks amazing!!!!!!! Whenever I see that you posted a new video I get so excited because I love your recipes! I can’t wait to try this latest one!!! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face 🙂

I thought my video reply would show up as an "in thread" video comment in the original story pin but actually showed up as a separate story pin with the comment showing up as a GFX and a link to see the original pin. (But her user name doesn't appear but instead, it pulled her actual name which seemed kind of confusing?)

My Response:

So I'm wondering if this is the intended way to use this reply with Pin feature? If I was providing additional content or adding to the original pin editorially in some way a separate Idea pin makes sense (The way it works on TikTok), but maybe the product team would consider adding a choice of "Post as separate pin"  or "Post as a Video Response" in the comment thread. YouTube used to have this comment feature about 10 years ago and it was really fun, but they did away with it. Not sure why. But what a fun way to engage with pinners to get a video reply from your favorite creators? Took me all of 5 secs! And I think for super fans is such a fun way to engage with them that is a lot more meaningful.  Maybe Pinterest could own this unique comment feature now since it really doesn't exist on other platforms now 🙂 

Anyway, I think it's fun either way and easy to use too! So thanks for enabling it! Beth

Beth Le Manach
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @EntWithBeth! We're noticing this as well. We have a client who tried to reply with a Pin on one of their sponsor's Pins and it showed up on their Created tab - making it not really make sense there since it was actually a "reply" to another Pin. 

I like your idea of the options to "Post as separate Pin" or "Post as a Video Response" or it could be something like "post reply in thread" or "post reply in feed". 


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