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Pinterest Creators Festival Post-Event Chat

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Thank you all for joining our Pinterest Creators Festival! We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of the freshest Creators and learning about our new updates and features. Were you all as excited as we were to hear from Megan Thee Stallion herself on how she built an authentic and unapologetic brand? 🔥

We know you want to keep the conversation going so we’re opening up this space to connect and network with other festival attendees. This is your space to recap your favorite festival moments, discuss the latest updates, and ask any questions you may have!

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • What was your favorite festival moment?
  • Who was your favorite speaker and why?
  • What update and feature are you most excited about?
  • What was your biggest learning moment?
  • Any suggestions for how to make our next Creator event even better?

For more information on the features and updates shared during the event make sure to check out our Product Spotlight on New Creator Features!


ICYMI, check out the full recording from the festival below! ⬇️

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Community Manager

@eatingempowered_mercedes YUM!! Just gave you some love on the Pin. 🙂 

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@PinterestGabby Thank you!! Do a take when you get a chance!!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I'm excited to see the Creator Rewards program rollout.

Direct monetization for creator content is a very unique approach to rewarding great content beyond the algorithm favoring pins with high engagement.  

It will interesting to see if it has a significant impact on the quality of content published on the platform.

On a side note, @PinterestJazmin Can a creator tag their own products with Idea Pins? I had one successful attempt but haven't been able to tag any of my products since. 

Any feedback is very much appreciated. 🤓📌

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Loves to help

@PinterestJazmin  Please add Slovenia, too, when you extend Creator Rewards to Europe. I worry you will forget about Slovenian creators as Instagram did.

Veronika Lipar
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Thank you SO much for posting this! I was not able to get in yesterday so I am super happy to see the replay.

It's great that so many creators are open & honest about the process and sometimes feeling stuck. That encouragement is huge especially for those of us who are in very (almost overly) saturated industries where it can be really hard to stand out while staying true to self. 

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! 💕

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@SweetLikeOyin blew me away! Loved what she had to say!

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What a great event with, as always, uplifting messages from creators. I love that you let the creators speak on your behalf and let them introduce the new features. What a great idea!

Btw, the Creator rewards sound like something I would definitely try out if there was an option. It would be nice to see the EU countries listed here in the future. I am from Slovakia in case you wonder .-) 🙂


Thanks again for another great event,


-Zoui of XZOUIX
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