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Nothing in my account comes up on Pinterest Search

Just visiting

If I use the search to find my board it doesn't come up.

If I use the search to find people and type my account's user name, nothing comes up.

If I use the search to find any of my pins, even if I type the entire title and description, nothing comes up.

I might add that I've invested a lot of time making sure I had a good presentation, SEO optimized, Pictures in the right size, etc.

Still, it is as if, my account didn't exist!

Am I missing something here?

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Hello @Deco12maps 

First I noticed you just started pinning few days ago so there's a time factor you need to consider. Pinterest is not an overnight fix. You need some time for your pins to bake:)

In addition, your Pins and boards aren't guaranteed to show up in search results — we only yield certain results based on our algorithm. Since there are millions of people on Pinterest, it’s not possible for everyone’s ideas and content to show up in search results. There is a lot of competition. 

In addition to search, we also show your Pins to users who we think would be interested in your content. 

I hope that helps.

Please 'accept as solution' if this answers your question. 

Thank you. 

Anna Bennett
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