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New to the creator hub!

New member

I am so beyond excited to join the creator hub. I am an artist and candle designer, I am open to recommendations on how to become successful! 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi Welcome to the PBC🎉

Love what you do! We are glad your here!

I sharing some links to some helpful Articles here on the PBC that will help you on getting started + building your audience + things to consider when you CREATE IDEA PINS here on Pinterest.

New Business on pinterest
How to build your audience on Pinterest 📈 

Creating Idea Pins
Become A Verified Merchant

I always save the best for last!

If you looking to find out what TRENDING on Pinterest consider checking out

What Pinners Are Searching For This Week

👆🏻This is a weekly feature here on the PBC and you get the most up to date information about whats TRENDING on Pinterest + you have access to a Report that will give you even more information.
Thanks @PinterestJoan 

I think this is a good start if you have any more questions please do come back and post here in the community.

I hope this helps.


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