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Nail designs

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hii starting new to pinterest with sharing nail designs for all ages to use as inspiration when they go and get there nails done! so many videos and pins to choose from hoping to start the creator fund soon! follow me for support? very much appreciated<33

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Well welcome!!!! @gelnailcentral. Nails are all the rage on Pinterest! 

Have you been to the Pinterest Trends tool page yet? I have noticed that nails are almost always well-represented there! Basically, that means searches and keywords around nails are always trending up! 

Check it out here for content ideas: 

Also, here are some resources to help you get up to speed in this forum: 

If you take some time to read them, you'll be best situated to navigate and get the most out of your time here! 

Enjoy! And welcome again! 

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