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Monetizing Pinterest

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Hi There,

For the creators who do partnerships and campaigns; if you're like myself and Pinterest is thriving and growing super fast, what ways are you presenting/pitching Pinterest as the front runner over say Instagram? I would love to leverage my Pinterest and I'm sure it's not hard given I have the stats to back it up, but everyone is still very much team Instagram, so would love to know what you all are up to and how you're navigating it!

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personally i prefer that the pinterest community is still a smaller one. the larger social media sites turn very toxic, and instagram is exhibit A.

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I agree and am wondering the same thing! I've been creating content for only a fraction of the time I've been creating content on Instagram and my engagement on Pinterest is more than I could ever dream of on Instagram. I too would love to know how to work with brands and monetize Pinterest posts over Instagram posts!

Sami, SUNutrition
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