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It says I’m Eligible for the creator

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Hello! It now says I am eligible to make money through Pinterest so I was wondering where the application is to fill out? 

thank you!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi, @melnicolejoyce! I think you're referring to the "branded content" tab in the Creator Hub, right? 

There are many different ways to make money through Pinterest, but based on the language you're using in your question, I'm pretty sure you're seeing the "you're eligible" message on the branded content tab. 

If so, here's some info and resources on how brand partnerships work on Pinterest: 


You can check out the Brand Partnerships Workshop replay. (It’s a recording of the live workshop from June 2022!): 


This thread also has some good resources - including some “how to use the tool” details: 


For the most part, it's up to the Creator to develop a relationship with a brand, pitch them, and work out the details of the arrangement. Pinterest continues to build tools and resources to support us!

I wrote this detailed response recently on a thread. I think it might help you navigate this, too: 


Let me know if this info helps you! 


I hope the above resources start to answer some of your questions.

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