How to Use: Private Messages vs Public Forum or Pinterest Support

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Greetings Pinterest Business Community,

I am getting a number of Private Messages and assume others might be as well I hope this note can address what is best for you and the community. 

1) If your issue is a technical you need to open a ticket with Pinterest Support 

2) Consider the help topics and search the forums for your question. We can always learn and add to previous discussion. If not immediate obvious, post a new discussion and we as a community will help best we can.

3) If your question or comment could be valuable for others, post in the forums for open discussion. 

4) Consider if your request is appropriate for general networking or business development activities. 

Please comment here for clarifications or discussion. 



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@ideachicretailThank you! I have been seeing more and more private messages, and I agree that posting the questions here makes more sense.

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@ideachicretail thanks for sharing! Echoing your post, we highly encourage all PBC members to post their questions and/or comments in the forums and limit the use of private messages. Public questions and posts add value for everyone in the community! If you're new to the PBC and not sure how to post, check out this helpful resource on how to post a thread.


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@ideachicretail @Hey there I am getting the same thing lots of messages.

Thank you for writing this - I always want to help but there are some things I cannot do and only Pinterest can do.


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Great post @ideachicretail! Thanks for sharing this!

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