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Help with starting

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Hi I’m new to the community and I need help with creating content and knowing what trends are which I love this app so much it really does inspire me.

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Hello @lilyvketo 

Welcome to the PBC!

1. I'm assuming you're using Pinterest for business, correct? 

2. I visited your page and it may be prudent to make improvements on your about section first by making it obvious what you do and who you serve. 

Remember the importance of having a niche. Your goal is to become the go-to expert. For example, I see you're sharing about fashion, fitness, motivation, etc. That's quite a bit. Is your goal to become a lifestyle influencer? 


Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 3.56.28 PM.png

3. Once you've decided your expertise then you'll need a content strategy. For example if you want to create content around fashion it's vital you create both evergreen content and what is currently trending. 

 Here's how to get started with trends

4. Participate in the monthly trends:

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 4.06.15 PM.png

I hope  that helps. 

Please 'accept as solution' if this answers your question.


Anna Bennett
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