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Earning Money as a Pinterest Creator

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Hi, everyone! I'm seeing LOTS of new posts here in the PBC (Pinterest Business Community) from people who are asking a *seemingly simple* question...

"How do I make money on Pinterest?" 

So, I wanted to create a reference post that lists some of the ways that people do that. 

Before I dive in, I'd like to start with a bit of a preface...

Keep in mind that making money as a Creator is not something that happens overnight. Most successful creators (those who do this in an effective, sustainable way) have worked extensively on their strategies, their marketing, and their content creation skills. They're typically people who have been showing up consistently on Pinterest for months or years, pinning high-quality content that inspires and truly solves problems for their audiences. 

All of that being said, it is absolutely possible to make money using the platform. I do. And I know hundreds of other amazing creators who do! 

Here are some of the more common ways that people leverage their content and their Pinterest audiences to monetize: (This is not an exhaustive list, just some ones that come to mind!) 

Creators can monetize by…

1. Creator Rewards - Edit: This program has been ended. You can still read about it for now at this link, but it is not continuing. (>>> More on that at this link!

2. Getting more eyes on their free value-based content to grow their audience – and selling digital products and courses

3. Getting more eyes on their free value-based content to grow their audience – and sell their services (for example coaching or done-for-you services) 

4. Pitching and landing brand partnerships as an influencer by leveraging their Pinterest audience and creating pins for brands 

5. Selling their physical products (e-commerce) products using Pinterest 

6. Growing their email list with Pinterest – and selling from there

7. Being an affiliate for products or services and using Pinterest to generate visibility for their affiliate links (check on regulatory, legal, and platform-specific terms of service here!) 

8. Increasing ad revenue by getting more blog traffic from Pinterest


Again, I want to emphasize that these are a few things that are possible. But all of these take time, hard work, and a desire to truly show up and be helpful and inspiring to people on the platform. 

I hope this post is exciting, motivating, and clarifying for many people coming to the PBC looking for some guidance on this! 🙂 



Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Thank you for those tips!!!

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Hey Jana, 

I m based in the US and have all the criterias to be eligible for the creator program but I cannot apply . 

Should I contact Pinterest?


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Hello,Tereza.  I have been creating idea pins for the past few months but I have many impressions and saves but very few likes I do not get it.Why very few likes?Secondly can I earn through my idea pins as I'm in the Business community Ive been going through all the contents regarding this but was not helpful.Is there an chance I can earn through pintrest with only Idea pins in India? Please can u help me.Thank u.

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Am not settled in US otherwise am eligible for the creator’s rewards criteria. How can I make money.

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Hello @Theelegantworld @estebanskincare , welcome to the PBC. I know this isn't the best of news, but unfortunately, Creator Rewards has ended as of November 30th, you can read more about it here. You should check out this article on how to make money on Pinterest. And of course, stay active here in the PBC for some insight, answers to your questions and upcoming events. I hope this helps you.

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I think Pinterest completely destroyed the monetization thing. The creators are unhappy. No feedback or approval is given to business partnership offers. interest began to wane. I hope Pinterest doesn't lose the audience it gained. 😕

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Bummed I missed out on the Creator Rewards program. As a still-growing creator, I'm looking forward to Pinterest creating more opportunities to work directly with creators this year!

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