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Does it make sense to have a multilingual profile?

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Hi, I have a profile located for the Czech Republic. I researched the use of Pinterest among Pinterest users, and most wrote to me that they searched on Pinterest in English, a language other than the one in which I set up my account. Can I add pins and boards in English as a Czech profile? Will they show up or not? 

E.g. If you are now looking for a lot of Easter decoration tips and I would create Czech pins and notice boards for my Czech profile, then the expression "Easter decoration" will not appear? And if I write a pin in English, will it appear to the Czech audience?

 I hope it is understandable. Thank you for your help! 🙂

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Pinterest Pioneer

@eliskabielkov Hello glad you made it to the PBC!

I understand your question but I am tagging in @PinterestDebora to provide a more precise answer to your question.

I hope Debora can help you and I wish you the most success on Pinterest.


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