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Deleting Boards

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Hi there! This question has bothered me for sometime. My niche changed over the last two years and instead of jewelry it's home decor and diy. I have made my jewelry boards secret, but is it ok to simply delete them? Would this hurt me in some way?

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@bodymindmood Definitely  never do anything that makes you uncomfortable!

I've been doing this for the 12 years and never had an issue. I've worked directly with Pinterest in many capacities over my career and they've never cautioned against it (and I've never had an issue).

Tori Tait
Content Director & Pinterest Consultant

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Hi there

I appreciate your answer and respect the fact that you have been doing this for 12 years but.....

I have been on Pinterest circa 2008 and I have yet to see Pinterest state its a good idea to delete pins, boards or provide a promise that nothing will happen or its okay if you delete your pins, boards et al.

Again, if there is no firm answer that's common amongst Pinterest users from Pinterest then I have to wonder if things like deleting are a good idea - as Pinterest changes it becomes very unclear what is good or not good to do. I have listened to many people who have very different ideas when it comes to deleting those who work along side of Pinterest and those who don't, there is nothing consistent.

These are just my thoughts.


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