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ι ℓσνє Ριитєяєѕт тнσυgнт ι∂ тαкє α ѕнσт αт тнιѕ вυιѕиєѕѕ! ι ωαит тσ вє αвℓє тσ ιиѕριяє αи∂ ʝυzт нανє fυи! ιf αиуσиє нαѕ αиу тιρѕ fσя α вєgιииєя ℓιкє муѕєℓf, ιм σρєи тσ нєαя! @nydiaborjas 😄

тнαикѕ уσυ,
иу∂ια вσяʝαѕ 



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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi and Welcome to the PBC!

I read your post and I am so glad you came to the PBC.

Below are some links to some good articles | advice to consider when getting started on Pinterest.

Below are some Articles written by Pinterest Pioneers including myself that you may find helpful.

Getting Started On Pinterest

Scheduling Pins

Getting Started On The PBC

Creator Tips & Tricks

Shopping Features For Merchants On Pinterest


I hope the information above helps you on your journey - I know it can seem overwhelming but remember to take your time while building your Profile | Following. If you have any other questions please come back and ask.


Please Follow Me | Like | Love | Share On Pinterest Thanks!!❤️ -- Lisa
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