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Hey Creators! Gabby here from the Creator Community Kickoff this afternoon. 👋

We hope you enjoyed the event!! If you have a moment, please fill out our survey so we can make sure your thoughts and ideas are incorporated into future community events. Your feedback matters, especially as this program continues to grow and evolve over time. 

For those who attended, we’d love for y’all to share what your favorite part was about the event. Feel free to use this thread to connect with other creators and swap your Pinterest handles! After all, that’s what community is alllll about. 💜

P.S. Interested in starting your Creator journey? Sign up now to join our program and be a part of the Pinterest Creator Community. 


The Creator Community team

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Hey everyone! 🤗

My name is Nae I'm a Black lifestyle, mental health, and natural hair creator from Los Angeles! So excited about everything Pinterest has in store and would love to connect, create, and grow with other creators here. 

Feel free to add a reply to this so we can get to know each other and good luck on your creative journeys! 🤎

Follow me on Pinterest! 

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Hello everyone! I'm Kimmy, a plus size fashion, beauty & lifestyle creator. You can find me at @kimmymanzo across all platforms! 

So excited to connect!


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Hi everyone! So nice to see everyones pages in the Creator Academy today! I'm a PNW wedding and elopement photographer, dog petter, and donut eater!

Instagram: @tashashapiro

I'd love to connect more with you guys and maybe work together to stay motivated to work on the challenges? 

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Hey all! 

My name is Julia 🙂 I post about fashion, travel content and wedding video / photography! So excited about this program and to collaborate with other creatives! 

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Hey everyone! 💗

My name is Aarian & I am Michigan based content creator. My content focuses on natural hair, beauty, & lifestyle.

You can find me on Pinterest, Tik Tok, & Instagram @aarianjayy and on Youtube as Aarian Jay.

Connect with me here!

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Such an amazing event! I learned so much! My name is Marley and I just started posting on Pinterest! My pins get over 100k views and I’m also on TikTok! With over a million followers ( @ maskedancetutorials) my Pinterest link is I FOLLOW BACK EVERYONE!💗

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Hi friends! 
My name is Jennifer Brallier & I’m a Christian Lifestyle creator! 
Let’s connect!

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Hi everyone my name is Manuela, I am an entrepreneur and jewelry enthusiast. My business is selling water resistant tarnish resistant jewelry that gives women boost of confidence and gives everyone of all classes in the economy, a luxury experience.

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Hi, my name is Soni! My handle is @soni_kohli and I create fashion, lifestyle & culture content on Pinterest, Instagram (@sonikohli) and TikTok (@sonithefaerie) 

Send me a DM on any of those platforms if you want to connect 🙂 

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Hello, I am Ginny AKA Happys Charms.  I create content on art and art supplies.  Happy to be here in the community!

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