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A very STRANGE Stolen Pin & I'm At My Wits End with Pinterest Support

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I don't know where else to go and I know this is a specific issue, but I continually receive support emails that:
1. DO NOT Address my questions
2. Only give "canned" responses

And once, support just randomly closed my ticket despite not answering my questions.

I emailed support on June 1st. I have sent 6 emails. I have specifically numbered the questions I have... How hard is it to answer specific questions?? I just got back another "canned" response!

Last resort, I'm asking the community for insight and thoughts on how to deal with it.

Here's the issue:

I found a stolen pin (BTW: I'm very familiar with how to deal with stolen pins and report them daily). BUT, this stolen pin has a URL that redirects THREE times. The link goes to the first url, which redirects to another url and THEN it actually redirects to MY website. Pinterest has blocked the ability to click on this pin stating it is blocked because it could lead to "inappropriate content"

Here are my questions:

1. When I complete the DMCA on this pin, IF I put a "strike" will it strike the user who apparently uploaded this pin and added the strange re-directs? Or because it eventually does redirect to my website, will the "strike" go against ME/My Account?

2. Because this pin is marked by Pinterest as some sort of spam, do you think this means my account is being marked as spam? Because I'm definitely in the group of content creators that is having tons of trouble with Pinterest not showing "fresh" pins to anyone. (If you are unaware, there are tons of people talking in Facebook groups about how Pinterest has marked legit accounts as "low quality").

3. The very first support email back to me said that I have a strike against me and stated if I submit a rebuttal, it might solve the whole issue. The email provided a link to the strike against me, which goes to - BUT I CAN NOT LOGIN. I've repeatedly asked for assistance to login and NONE of the responses from Pinterest support have even acknowledged that I have asked for help with this. Anyone know how to get into this system??

Thanks for your insight!

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Loves to help

Sounds like a nightmare. Did you get this resolved?

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