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Happy Friday, PBC! After a complicated year, Pinners are embracing all things simple. This week, we’ve rounded up searches for living your values. From adopting a zero-waste lifestyle (170% increase in "zero waste lifestyle") to growing vegetable gardens in the backyard (7x increase in "backyard greenhouse"), Pinners are discovering the joys of living simply. The simplicity extends from the home to the heart as Pinners embrace deep personal growth (7x increase in "empowerment quotes") and make plans for the future (100% increase in "life goals list").

Pinterest-driven conversions are up in various categories including retail and home decor (120% increase in checkouts for plant cages & supports, 60% increase in checkouts for fountains & waterfalls, 15% increase in checkouts for recycling containers).

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@PinterestJanice Hi there as always big thank you for sharing this - I am really happy to see you are still around, I would imagine you are super busy as is @PinterestGabby but sincerely hope you are doing well.


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