What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 2/4)

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Hi PBC! As we kickoff the weekend, Pinterest users are ready to emerge from their cocoons and are nailing down their Big Game menus, throwing theme parties and trying out new shades for hair and nails. This week, we’ve curated searches around the theme of Gearing up for game day.

Top stats

  • 52% increase in “dark brunette with caramel highlights”
  • 4x increase in “red french tip nails square”
  • 8x increase in “knoephla soup”
  • 152% increase in “empanada”
  • 174% increase in ”black ceiling bedroom”
  • 180% increase in “ski theme party college”


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Thank you @PinterestJazmin!

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Good morning, and thank you! 

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