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Hi @Pinterest ,


I have been looking into the verified merchant application, and in doing so it has put my account into the in-progress status even though I am not ready to begin this process. I have seen a drop in impressions since this status has been implemented. Please can someone help advise me on how to stop the process of being a verified merchant so I can gather the required info and begin the process in my own time? @PinterestLucy @PinterestPeter 


I have attached a screenshot of what I mean. 



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Hi Welcome to the PBC😎

I read your post and I did some research before responding.

I realize that it says "In Progress" but I believe you will be fine if you are still gathering necessary information I did not find anything that indicated a "time - frame" for applying to the program.

I realize you have decided you no longer want to participate in the program then please file a ticket with Support so that they can help you end your application request.

I hope this helps you.



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When you click on "in-progress," you will see the button "Cancel enrollment" at the bottom of the page. To cancel your program, click that button.

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