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Tuesday Tips 📌 Reply with Idea Pins

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi Creators, Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely holiday season. We’re back with our first Tuesday Tips post of 2022 and today, we’re highlighting replies with Idea Pins.

There are more ways than ever to engage with your community on Pinterest. Now, you can respond to all comments, questions, and requests with a tailored Idea Pin reply! Some things are simply better when shown. Try Idea Pin replies to get the conversation started and let us know what you think! 


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I really like this feature!

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Loves to help

This is great, except the last 2 questions I've gotten from users is "how to I get to the recipe?" 
They are looking for a link. 

Everyone but Pinterest allows creators to add links to Stories....even IG opened it up to everyone, no longer exclusive to 10k followers or more. 

If you enjoy yummy Keto Recipes visit my Pinterest page: Healthy Ambitions Thanks, Cathy
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New member

Great feature to engage users even more!

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Posts regularly

This is fun! Even if it is "Where's the link" LOL! Which yes I get a lot too, we could answer that question on-camera, to explain how idea pins work. I may not always have time to reshoot a tutorial on something, but somehow I think responding to a question on camera could add a lot of personability and "humanness" to the platform that historically has been so "search-oriented" I have noticed that the more I answer questions on Idea Pins, the more new questions come in now addressing me by name, such as "Hey Beth...." this I think is a really nice shift on the platform that has historically not been so creator-first from a user's perspective. I'm going to try a few! Thanks @PinterestJazmin


Beth Le Manach
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