Shopify Merchant's URL is incomplete

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Hello, I have been having issues with connecting my shopify with Pinterest, I have managed to connect the ad account, and tag yet it keeps declining my catalogue due to the following.


Merchant's URL is incomplete or inaccessible. Domains that are "opening soon" or incomplete violate our guidelines”


my website is live and has been making sales so I know there is no issues with it. 

I have also appealed 6 times and get a different reason each time. 

any ideas? 

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @bunkercollectibles Did you still need help with this? 

This Shopify workshop + Q&A event might be helpful to you. 

One thought I had that you may already know about is this: 

If you installed the Pinterest tag manually and want to use the Shopify app instead, you should remove any tags you manually installed before setting up the Shopify app. Make sure to remove the base code, Checkout code, and AddToCart code. You can only have one tag in an account. - Remove the Pinterest tag from Shopify

Let us know if you have luck with that!



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