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Thank you all for joining our Pinterest Creators Festival! We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of the freshest Creators and learning about our new updates and features. Were you all as excited as we were to hear from Megan Thee Stallion herself on how she built an authentic and unapologetic brand? 🔥

We know you want to keep the conversation going so we’re opening up this space to connect and network with other festival attendees. This is your space to recap your favorite festival moments, discuss the latest updates, and ask any questions you may have!

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • What was your favorite festival moment?
  • Who was your favorite speaker and why?
  • What update and feature are you most excited about?
  • What was your biggest learning moment?
  • Any suggestions for how to make our next Creator event even better?

For more information on the features and updates shared during the event make sure to check out our Product Spotlight on New Creator Features!


ICYMI, check out the full recording from the festival below! ⬇️

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I loved the peacefulness during the festival, the way Pinterest inspire us with the creators and their tips, thank you Pinterest 


Ada Ramirez - Pimparable
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Storm Reid’s words where exactly what I needed to hear today

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Absolutely LOVED the event! 


Favorite part was Megan! Her emphasis on body positivity and health really inspired me! 

If you want to feel free to check out my account and follow for boss lady aesthetics, marketing tips and vision boards!

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I learned you can tag products on your idea pins!

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I loved all the creators who were sharing their inspiration & tips. Would love to create content as a planner using the Creator Rewards Program. If you love planning, organization & lifestyle definitely follow. The Minimal Sophisticate 

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Really excited to not only begin creating more intentionally and purposefully on my own profile but on the client accounts that I manage - who are going to flip when they hear this news! Anyone else feeling energized and ready to spend the entire day on Pinterest!?

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The best advice I heard today is to JUST START. That is exactly how I got my business up and running! Now I'm going to work on finding my niche audience, which is tarot readers, lightworkers, and everyone in the Esoteric and Spiritual community! We are The Golden Goddess 👑🌙 Check us out! 💛

Website -

Pinterest - @itsthegoldengoddess 

The Golden Goddess ~ Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook @ItsTheGoldenGoddess
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Thank you for this amazing event! I enjoyed all the speakers. I can’t wait to continue creating and sharing more ideas. 

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Great event! I loved the discussions between the featured creators and of course I'm excited for the Creator Rewards Program too.


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This was so amazing. I'm glad I decided to attend. Last year I got too overwhelmed and didn't go and now I don't see myself ever missing another one.

Advice was on point, speakers were on point. 10/10👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Ya'll did that!

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